Top 10 Famous and Notorious Guns in History

There are expensive guns, Firearms have evolved constantly ever since their start around 800 years ago. o whatever your opinion on how they should be regulated in America, guns have been a gigantic part of human history and sometimes gigantic in general. Even the most wealthy of collectors will find it exceedingly difficult to procure one of these firearms. But since they’re made to be cheap with interchangeable parts and each is a notable piece of history on its own.

10.Gunsmith – Antique Holsters 1845-1871

Henry Derringer Copy by Andrew Wurfflein (AH3788)

Henry Derringer Copy by Andrew Wurfflein. Nice copy of a Henry Derringer made by Andrew Wurfflein. Mr. Wurfflein was a gunsmith in Philadelphia from 1845-1871. This is a very nice sharp copy. Barrel is 2 3/8” and the total length is just about 6”/ this gun is in .41 caliber and has a silver banded barrel.

gunsmith Antique Holsters 1845-1871

9.Mons Meg scotland 1454

Mons Meg was built in Mons in Belgium

There have been a great many technological advances since the last time Mons Meg got the full treatment. Mons Meg was built in Mons in Belgium. Meg is a Scottish short form of Margaret. The gun, one of a pair of a type known as a bombard, was presented. Mons Meg is a medieval bombard located at Edinburgh Castle, Scotland. It was built, Mons Meg with its 20″ (510 mm) calibre cannon balls.Burst iron ring which put the cannon out of use.

With the burst hoop exposing her internal staves, Mons Meg could never be fired again. She still starred in several tugs of war between England and Scotland (1969).
Mons Meg scotland 1454

8.Hand Cannon, 13th century

Hand Cannon, 13th century

The hand cannon was the worlds first handheld firearm. Hand cannon from the Mongol Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368). Dating back to 13th century China, the hand cannon weighs roughly 1.5 kg. Hand cannon being fired from a stand, Bellifortis, manuscript, by Konrad Kyeser,
Hand Cannon, 13th century

7.Big Bertha

Bertha (German: Dicke Bertha)—literal translation

Big Bertha Gamma-Gerät (Gamma-device)—the railway.-transported,the Krupp arms company, the leading German weapons manufacturer, from 1902 to 1943. It’s in her “honor” that the four gigantic cannons used in the German invasion of Belgium at the start of World War. Big Bertha (German: Dicke Bertha)—literal translation “Fat or heavy Bertha concrete-emplaced predecessor to the Big Bertha

Big Bertha

6.Project Babylon

Project Babylon gun

Model of the Project Babylon gun. Paris-Montreal-Babylon: The Modernist Genealogies of Gerald Bull, Project Babylon gun all the insane plans of Saddam Hussein’s regime, one of the maddest and most backward would have to be the notion of making a gigantic cannon for the purpose of shelling countries from afar. But then, the idea actually wasn’t originally an Iraqi one so much as it came from 62 year-old Canadian Dr. Gerald Bull. The extremely ambitious gun was designed to be 130 feet long in the barrel and would have an estimated range of 600 miles, nearly the largest artillery piece in human history.
Project Babylon

5.Gatling Gun, 1862

Gatling gun 1862 Type II front.

The hand-cranked machine gun was invented in 1861 by Dr. Richard J.  the first real machine guns, with a practical rate of fire of more than 700 .50-caliber rounds per minute. Gatling of Hartford County, NC. Over time, 6-barrel and 10-barrel versions were produced.
Gatling Gun, 1862

4.Adolf Hitler’s gold Walther

Adolf Hitlers personal Walther PP 7,65 mm. pistol. Gold initials AH on.Outstanding Factory Cased Gold Plated and Relief Engraved SA Presentation Walther Model PP.

Hermann Wilhelm Göring was Adolph Hitler’s right hand man, literally. He had been with Hitler since his rise to power and eventual Chancellorship in 1933.
Adolf Hitler’s gold Walther

3.Antique Shotguns – Pre-1898

Webley Green Army Model Revolver. Excellent Overall and Hard To Find in This Condition. Antique Weapons, Armas Antiguas, Guns Pre 1898, Gun S Antique, Guns Weapons.

Antique Shotguns - Pre-1898

2.Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle 1891

Carcano Modello 1891 infantry rifle, the last model of Mannlicher Carcano infantry rifle. The rifles with double set triggers were built for the military target shooting. . Carcano M.1891/24 TS Carbine, My Carcano Rifle Collection Review Part 3 – My Cavalry Carbine
Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle 1891

1.Class 3 Full Auto Rifle

Beretta AR70 full auto

The gun in question is a very rare export or commercial XM177E2, a Model 639. Colt AR15/M16 223 full auto Guns > Rifles > Class 3 Rifles > Class, Exceptional WWII Full Automatic “Class 3 Dealer’s Sale Sample” M1918A2 Browning . Exceptional Original Portuguese Contract, Class III Fully Automatic Armalite AR-10
Class 3 Full Auto Rifle

0.1851 Navy Colt

1851 Navy Colt

01.Colt 1849 Pocket Model revolver

Colt 1849 Pocket Model revolver

02.Winchester – Model 1866

Winchester - Model 1866