IPhone Apps install Error Failed (-402620415)  iFunBox Cracked Apps

IPhone Apps install Error Failed (-402620415)  iFunBox Cracked Apps. Install app from .ipa package is now just one click from the toolbar on ifunbox. Since the shutting down of Installous more and more alternatives have popped up, each have their own unique feature. But as with most apps like Installous, they do have some disadvantages of their own, so why not install those cracked apps yourself? Well we have a guide on how to install cracked apps manually without a jailbreak.

IPhone Apps install Error Failed (-402620415)  iFunBox Cracked Apps

Install Cracked IPA Files

There are currently various applications out there which allow you to download paid apps for free or in other words download “cracked apps”. We have mentioned quite a few of these apps such as Vshare, and AppCake. But if you have used one of these applications, you would know that they are quite difficult to use because most of them are in Chinese and they have a limited number of apps in their “app store”. So why not simply install those cracked apps manually?

Well we have a guide for installing cracked apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without a jailbreak. Simply follow one of the easiest guides to install cracked apps below.

IPhone Apps install Guide For Cracked Apps on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Disclaimer:  This post is for informational purpose only.If You Want to Download apps legally through App Store.

  • For this guide you will need iFunBox. Simply download iFunBox by heading over to i-funbox.com.
  • Once you have installed iFunBox. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer.
  • Run iFunBox.
  • In iFunBox toolbar simply click the install button.
  • Now simply insert the cracked app you want to install on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It will have the (.IPA) extension.

iFunBox method to install cracked apps

That’s it folks. The application would not be downloaded on your iOS device.

The tricky part isn’t installing the cracked app, it is actually finding it. If you want to install the paid app for free, you will have to first search for an .IPA file for that app (that’s what these Installous alternatives do).